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Winterreise staged


"Expressive and wild, yet calm; so much heart and pain; I think it is the best Winterreise to date."

Camilla Dal, Gefle Dagblad, Sweden

"Johannes Held mit Daniel Beskow am Flügel hätte auch ohne alle Bühnenzutaten eine wunderbare, so intensive wie zerbrechliche Winterreise besorgt. Als szenische „Winterreise staged“ ist es nun eine außergewöhnliche geworden."

Bernd Heiden, SZBZ, Germany


"Daniel BESKOW is alert, full of Ideas and Details in his play"

"Johannes Held's baritone voice has a firm, glowing core and a gripping expressive force."

Susanne Benda, STZ, Germany


Winterreise staged involves the senses in the experience of Schubert’s Lied masterpiece. Ebbe Knudsen’s direction, along with backdrops illustrated by Jörn Kaspuhl, builds a visual world in which one of musical history’s greatest works can unfold. As baritone Johannes Held and pianist Daniel Beskow create the musical landscape, the observer witnesses the wanderer’s world; we experience the snow, encounter the linden tree, follow the crow, and feel the loneliness of an empty train station. In accompanying the young man who lost his love, and seeing the elements that effect him, the viewer becomes a part of his cold world.


Johannes Held, baritone

Daniel Beskow, piano

Jörn Kaspuhl, illustration

Ebbe Støvring Knudsen, director